• Helping accomplished women connect, support, and inspire each other.

    Aspire Ascend is a consulting firm providing a comprehensive portfolio of career-building services to enhance the success of women in leadership positions and build power as a female executive.  

    "We help executive women make an impact in the C-suite and the boardroom!"


    Welcome to the Aspire Ascend website. We believe that this site, our premium services, and membership in Aspire Ascend’s Executive Edge will provide organizations and executive women with resources and connections that will significantly enhance professional and personal development. And they’re all in one place!

    I hope you will visit this site often, utilize its resources, take advantage of the services, events and professional development opportunities, and participate in a community of executive women who care about and help each other enhance their leadership skills.

    We have designed this website to provide organizations and Aspire Ascend members with the kind of interactive resources and executive network women in leadership positions have told us would be most helpful.

    I encourage you to let us know how we can make it an even better tool for your professional and personal success.

        — Jan

    Jan Molino
    President and CEO

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