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    Membership in Aspire Ascend opens doors to new people and opportunities. This is a network of unparalleled and diverse senior executive women supporting each other in so many ways, from professional advice to new approaches.  If you choose to be part of any network of professional women, Aspire Ascend is the one and only.

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    Become an Aspire Ascend Sponsor

    Become an Aspire Ascend sponsor and have unique access to an influential network of executive women leaders from a wide variety of industries and significant discounts to Premium Programs.

    We offer customized sponsorship opportunities to promote your organization at our events, and on our website, social media, and collateral materials.

    For more information, please contact jan@aspire-ascend.com

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    Be a woman that other women can trust.  Have the courage to tell another woman directly when she has offended, hurt, or disappointed you.  Successful women have a tribe of loyal and honest women behind them.  Not haters! Not backstabbers or women who whisper behind their back.  Be a woman who lifts other women!"                                                

                                                                                           Sophie A. Nelson

    "At last there is a member based organization whose entire focus is on helping highly accomplished women excel in the workplace. Executive women who become members will build a network of support, will have resources available to them 24/7, and will learn how to convey their personal brand even as they continue to navigate the complex and ever changing cultures they work in where gender equality is still a work in progress.

    Congratulations to Jan Molino for identifying the need and building a comprehensive pool of resources to support this population who for so long has had to figure it our on their own!"

    Marcia Riley
    Founder and President
    Riley & Associates

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