Executive development is a critical responsibility, yet one that often gets overlooked. Many times, organizations think that once top leaders have "made it to the C-suite," there is no need to invest in their development. The reality is that those top leaders need to keep growing as the breadth, depth, and importance of their impact on the business increases exponentially in these top-tier positions.

    Coaching provides the framework for candid discussions and getting the performance and business results that you want and need. It also helps build confidence and support to make bold career moves and set and achieve challenging goals.

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    "Jan's personal interest and professional understanding have impacted many executives, especially women, in seeking and attaining leadership positions. She has a demonstrated track record in working with women and positively impacting their career paths."

    Nancy Grden
    Executive Director 
    Strome Entrepreneurial Center of Old Dominion University


    Corporate Board Development

    This is a highly customized one-on-one approach to Corporate Board Development. Hone your skills crafting and delivering your value proposition for a board seat, learn how to utilize your network, develop your board bio and pitch, and gain the skills and practical tools that will help you on the path to the boardroom.

    Brand Coaching

    This is a highly customized, one-on-one approach that concentrates on helping you define your brand, clarify your message, position your expertise and increase your visibility. This type of coaching is designed to help you define:"What are your famous for?"

    Communication/Media Coaching

    Highly customized, one-on-one approach to help smart, creative, and high achieving women executives find their authentic voice.  This type of coaching can improve your communication style, enhance personal and corporate image and ultimately increase your self-esteem and confidence.

    Career Coaching

    Customized one-on-one approach to career direction and advancement.  This type of coaching offers support in career development and trajectory, professional resume development, work performance, job search strategy, effective internal and external networking, interview preparation, and guidance for advancement positioning.

    Executive Coaching

    Customized Leadership development that identifies and leverages strengths and facilitates the continual development of an executive, both as as individual and a leader.

    Social Media Coaching

    One-on-one social media coaching to help position you as a thought leader in your area of expertise, complement your existing messaging arsenal, help you engage with large, diverse audiences, and prepare you to respond instantly in crisis situations. This type of coaching is designed to get you in the game or move you to the next level.

    Coaching Pricing:

    Pricing based on scope of work (75 minutes per session)

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