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    PRESS RELEASE: Aspire Ascend Announces New Services & Launches Interactive Website

    06/09/2016 2:03 PM | Jan Molino (Administrator)

    Washington, DC, June 10, 2016 – Recognizing that executive women need support to enhance their ability to succeed in senior leadership roles, Aspire Ascend – the organization providing resources, support and coaching for executive-level women – is adding a membership model to its business line. Aspire Ascend’s members will be able to access specifically designed leadership resources, enhance their business networks, attend events and forums and receive individual career coaching and guidance all designed to support their specific career goals.

    To make it easier to become part of the Aspire Ascend network, the firm is launching a new, robust and user-friendly website (www.aspire-ascend.com) on June 10th. It will allow membership registration, quick access to important resources, inclusion in a network of executive women and invitations to events addressing the unique needs of women in the top ranks of their organizations.

    To be considered for membership, the women need to come from the executive ranks of their organizations and pay an annual membership fee.

    “We will serve the specific needs of each member by offering access to high-level connections, professional development seminars and by expanding their networks,” said Jan Molino, Aspire Ascend’s founder and chief executive officer. “As women advance in their careers, these opportunities will be invaluable to our members, providing the unique insights and strengths those responsibilities require,” she said.

    Since its inception in 2014, Aspire Ascend has developed programs to assist women in the military transition into the civilian workforce, coached numerous executive-level women and advised for-profit and non-profit organizations on developing greater gender balance and sponsorship of women leaders.

    Ms. Molino is a recognized expert on matters concerning women in the workplace and has been called upon for her guidance and counsel by a range of businesses, non-profits and government entities. She also has spoken to organizations and women’s groups on that subject and frequently blogs about women’s workplace issues.

    “As we head into the general election with the very real prospect of having a woman President, there are few things more important to the future success of our country than tapping into the enormous potential women can bring to the workplace when they take on leadership roles,” said Ms. Molino.

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    Aspire Ascend is a global service provider and a member-based organization providing a comprehensive portfolio of career-building services to enhance the success of women in leadership positions. It helps executive women meet the challenges of career advancement and make an impact in the C-suite.

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