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    Social Media Is No Fad....

    09/25/2017 12:10 PM | Jan Molino (Administrator)

    .........It is your leadership edge!

    Even today, many women executives are skeptical about social media. Many are even uncomfortable articulating their understanding of how to use social media to advance themselves or their company's business interests. More often than not, they don’t fully understand how powerful social media can be to growing their business and executive profile. Think about Arianna Huffington as a role model! 

    But, as a female executive, you need a well-crafted social media strategy or you will be left behind in the race to the top!

    At Aspire Ascend, we know that the executive development of top leaders has a direct impact on the business. We also know from experience that social media is a bona fide leadership tool! 

    By expanding your leadership toolkit to include social media, you are accomplishing two of the most important aspects of leadership: strengthening your reputation as a leader and enhancing your company’s brand. 

    Women executives who are social media-savvy are perceived as more accessible, transparent and trustworthy business leaders. Engaging in social media is a true investment in your personal brand.

    It has been proven to be especially useful for CEOs, providing opportunities for employees to know their personal side and to demystify the myth around their executive role. 

    Crafting a strong and authentic personal brand is key to executive presence.  If you don’t take charge of your online brand, search engines and third party tweets will do that for you. 

    And here’s one more key reason you need an online presence: It is the skill set that will set you apart from the competition for CEO positions

    This is the primary reason that I added a new social media coaching program to our arsenal of executive career tools for senior women. The one-on-one social media coaching can help position you as a thought leader, complement your existing messaging arsenal, prepare you to engage with diverse audiences, and prepare you to respond instantly in crisis situations. 

    In short, we help you up your game!

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