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    Coaching Corner: Jan Fox | Public Speaking

    12/05/2017 4:56 PM | Anonymous

    Coaching Corner

    Our experienced coaching team focuses on helping executive women increase their effectiveness, identify their strengths and development needs, build confidence and support to make bold moves and set and achieve challenging goals.

    Jan Fox

    With more than 25 years and four Emmy Awards to her TV journalism credit, Jan Fox is a popular speaker, speaking coach, and author. She has coached company owners, CEOs, and senior leaders to improve their presentation and speaking skills. Her client list is among the most recognizable names in corporate America including nonprofit organizations and government agencies. Jan is also a highly experienced TEDx Talk coach and has prepared many speakers to appear on television and to deliver industry keynotes.

    As part of the coaching team at Aspire Ascend, we asked Jan to share with us a few insights for women executives on public speaking:

    Tips from Jan:

    The executive women who come to see me usually fall into 3 categories:

    • They don’t speak up at all, because they suffer from a serious case of speaker jitters.
    • They speak up timidly, but they can’t command the room.
    • They speak up often and loudly, but they don’t get the attention of others around the table.  
    Each of the above categories requires a specific approach, and, believe me, I want all of these smart women to see fast results.
    THE NON-SPEAKER: I use my ever-evolving list of mind-shifts for the women in first group.
    • We work on the belief that no-one else has their exact set of skills. Definitely, no one else has their personal and professional stories or their list of experiences.
    • I stress how they are obligated by the universe to share with the world. We find their stories that meet their personal and professional purposes. We practice and practice.
    • Then we target the exact moment to bring a story to life, and they tell it. When it’s over, they learn they still have a pulse, and the accolades are enough for them to try again and again. They learn to love sharing what they know.
    THE TIMID SPEAKER:  More often than not, all these women need to do is increase their volume and energy.
    • We use video to show that simply increasing their volume makes them seem bold and confident. They feel it.
    • We immediately see what they need to do to enhance their personal presence.
    • Their home work is to practice speaking louder with that presence in every conversation. I’ve heard story after story of their pride, when the pens and phones around the table plop down and every eye is now on the new bold speakers.
    THE POWERLESS SPEAKER:  This often takes a little more time.
    • If this is you, start by listening better right away. Listen to the questions being asked in your meetings. Notice who comments, for how long, and with how much conviction.
    • The powerful speakers use fewer words but more passion and stronger eye contact. If you’re speaking, but no one listening, you’re often the exact opposite- monotone, passionless with way too many words.
    • Home work is to talk to the organizer of the next meeting where you might have to speak. Ask for the agenda. We mark exactly where you can add something to the conversation. You make a commitment NOT to speak on every point and NOT to speak up first.
    • We practice and practice the places you can speak up. You stick to the plan! Almost every time, someone comments on how important your contribution was. That’s another one off and running with new-found confidence.
    These may seem like small steps, but the results are new-found joy and personal freedom. I love watching it happen! "

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