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    The Future is Female-Now!

    09/19/2019 10:06 AM | Jan Molino (Administrator)

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    All over the world, women are creating, designing, and innovating to make better organizations and communities. 

    But too many women are putting their heads down and doing their jobs early on in their careers, but by the time they lift their heads up and realize they want to be CEO, they haven’t built the building blocks or the relationships.

    Here are business tips to accelerate your career!

    Speak up and Amplify: Women NEED to speak their value daily instead of waiting for others to notice them. Speak up and “own your” place’ at the table.

    Say “I” instead of “We.” Women tend to give credit to their team and forget to take the credit as their leader.  So, when we talk about a success we tend to use ‘we,’ which is statistically proven to get women fewer promotions and lower pay.

    Take more risks. Whenever a door opens, walk through it if you can—take the risk, don’t grow too comfortable where you are. When you have a "can-do" attitude, people seek you out.

    Increase your visibility. Being a legend in your “own mind” is not enough. You need to increase your visibility! 

    Take “I’m sorry” out of your vocabulary. You are not sorry!  ‘And take “just” out of the equation as well.  “Just” is one of those words that has a habit of creeping into our emails and spoken conversations…..“ I just wanted to.”   If you want to have more authority, lose the “just.

    Get a sponsor! Both male and female – an executive champion who will open doors, risk their reputation or credibility to lift you higher. Be a sponsor yourself.

    Networking matters! Surrounded yourself with high caliber people and up your game! You reflect the people you surround yourself with!

    Know what you want. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. But, be prepared and do your homework first. 

    One last observation…

    Remember to bring women up with you! Too many women who have made it pull the ladder up after them, instead of helping women coming up behind them climb each rung. 

    Invest your Future!

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