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    “I am…” Your Personal Brand Story

    01/13/2020 2:23 PM | Jan Molino (Administrator)

    I always ask women about their personal brand. “What are you known for?” And I generally get a look of confusion. Then I get answers all over the map, but nothing truly resembling a personal brand. 

    So, I suggest beginning with a story. Why? Because storytelling is so powerful. It grabs attention, stirs emotions and, by the way, sets you apart from everyone else…because it’s your story.

    Setting yourself apart is just another way of saying “building your brand.”

    And, in the world of marketing, brand storytelling – selling your brand – has a tremendous impact on the way the marketplace sees you and lets you stand out with the influencers you want to attract.

    If your personal brand isn’t telling a story, you’re diminishing the impact necessary to capture the audience you need.

    A personal brand story is the best way to engage the individuals you want to influence by inviting them into your life and letting them identify with you. 

    They will learn, in just a few strong and well-crafted sentences, who you are, what you do and what value you offer them.

    Let your audience see what you care about, the passions you share with them, and your commitment to those passions. They will feel more compelled to listen, and learn more about you and become your greatest supporters.

    Your personal brand story should reflect the values and beliefs that drive your vision for what is possible. 

    What makes your work meaningful? 

    So, what makes you – and your story – unique?

    That is what you have to determine. It will become your unique value proposition – and begins with the answer to the question: what am I known for; what is my “market distinction”?

    Tough question, but that’s the starting point. And how do you get the answer?

    Ask the “marketplace.”

    What do others say about you and your contributions? The answer to that provides the key to how the market will ultimately measure the value of your brand. It also gives you the ability to talk about yourself with great confidence.

    Coming up with that unique value proposition — or your personal brand story — can be daunting. Everyone has skills so the key is figuring out how you can differentiate yourself in a positive way.

    You are your own best advocate, and being able to articulate your value proposition is the best way to convey your personal brand with clarity and impact.

    Highlight your unique skills and experience and don’t be afraid to stand out!

    Then find the distribution vehicles that get your story to the right market. Reinforce that story through your social media channels. Post photos on Instagram of your working on a project. Write a Facebook post on a success resulting from a risk you took.  That’s the kind of branding that will deepen a connection between you and others.

    People pay attention to stories because people like to learn vicariously through the experiences of the people in them.

    If your audience learns from you — then you become more memorable. That generates interest and intrigues people enough to want to meet you, get to know you, and work with you.

    It is your personal brand story! Own it!

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