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    Style and Leadership with a side of confidence

    11/09/2020 11:48 AM | Jan Molino (Administrator)

    We all know those women — the ones who stride into a room with an air of grace. They’re not always the prettiest or smartest. They’re not arrogant. But they are the ones who make you want to be around them. And they turn heads!

    True confidence has a look of its own!

    Can you learn confidence? Of course you can. And, learning to be confident is clearly important. Understanding how to be a confident woman is one of the things that sets you apart from everyone else.

    Women who are comfortable in their own skin project confidence, and that’s a fact. 

    Confident women are optimistic. Confident women are positive and are not afraid of failure.  And yes, confident people experience failure just like everyone else.  But the difference is how they handle that failure.

    Pick yourself up and dust yourself off!  Failure is just another opportunity to improve yourself and make changes that will help you grow.  They are what confident women call “learning lessons.”

    Confident women walk into a room and go right up to people they don’t know—YET!  

    So many of us walk straight toward people we already know. Or even worse, we stand there and wait for them to notice us.  

    Get comfortable being uncomfortable!  Walk right up and introduce yourself.

    Confident women know themselves. Yes, they are self-aware and know that no one is perfect…and they accept that. They know their weak spots and how to highlight their positive attributes…the very strengths that foster that self- confidence and belief in themselves.

    Confident women own their executive presence and image.  You know, we make impressions, good or bad, on people instantly.

    Do you know what you are saying when you aren't saying anything? That is called body language. 

    People form their impressions based on your nonverbal communication: 

    • The way you stand or walk and makes eye contact says it all. 
    • A confident stance says so much about you as does the way you hold yourself, your charm and your smile
    • It’s important to be aware of how you come across and to be able to adjust it.
    Confident women are expansive in their body language.  Confident women take up space and signal that they have the status in the room. That’s why the classic posture of a man putting his feet up on his desk is so accurate—he is taking up a lot of space. He is projecting confidence. 

    Women don’t have access to the range of power postures that men traditionally use— but they do have a few that are very powerful.


    Yes that powerful pose can boost feelings of confidence, and definitely has an impact on your state of mind—even when you aren’t feeling your best.

    But there are several other ways to build confidence and spread your wings more comfortably:

    • Put your hands on the armrest and own the chair, 
    • Ensure there is an empty chair next to you and extend your arm around it. 
    • When you are standing widen your stance and put one foot slightly in front of the other. 

    These changes are subtle, but they convey your presence to others as well as give you more confidence. 

    Confident women believe in themselves.  They don’t care what others say…. they walk to their own beat.

    That’s called self-assurance.  You recognize those women—they know how to make informed decisions and bring other people along with them.  And they own their decisions as well as their consequences.

    And the most Confident women bring other women along with them.  They surround themselves with very accomplished women and support each other. They do not become the competition.

    Yes, confident women bring other women up with them!  Too many women who have made it pull the ladder up after them, instead of helping women coming up behind them climb each rung. Don’t be one of them!

    So.   Are you a confident woman! 

    You betcha!

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